Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Eminence Blog

The name of the blog actually originates from my dream. Many years ago, when I was looking for a solution to my dwindling faith, I dreamt of a group of people, standing in a circle. They said to me "eminence". At that time, I didn't know there's such a word in the English dictionary. I thought to myself, "Is that an Eminem fan club?" (Since I was an Eminem fan). Apparently, it's not...haha. I picked up the dictionary and was surprised there's such a word.

There must be a lot of significance with standing in a circle. Perhaps it's also a symbol of the "circular journey home" as mentioned by Prof Abu Mustaffa. Some of my dreams revolve people standing or sitting in a circle. Many events and study groups are done in a circle.

Taken from The Eminence Blog. Talks about the Spiritual Journey of a modern sufi. Very insightfull and intresting.

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