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Habib Umar Bin Hafiz's Talk at UK. Divine Love


Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala Says, 'I have prepared for my righteous servants what no eye has seen, no ear has heard nor has ever...'

The person who receives the gift that come from Divine Love and the love that Allah Ta'ala has for His servants can not really encompass the love that Allah has for him and the gifts that are showered upon him due to this love.

Even in the Garden, when he goes into the place that Allah showers His ennobled servants with His Gifts, in every moment he only knows the gifts he is in at that moment and in the next moment and in the moment after that and the moment after that until eternity.

Even the angels in the Garden do not know how these gifts will be experienced when the garden is open for those who dwell in it. Thus, no creature can actually imagine the gifts or the experiences of those gifts that Allah has prepared for His righteous servants. The Husn of Allah has no end.

Even in the sensory form, the people of the garden will experience beauties and bounties that will be in the increase all the time. If one was to find a fruit that he liked in the garden and he was to pluck this fruit and eat it, Allah Ta'ala will cause another fruit to grow in its place which will be more beautiful than the first one and even if he was to pluck that fruit, there will be one more beautiful than that.

If he was to see a beautiful bird flying in the Garden and he was to want this bird to come on his plate in order for him to eat it roasted, the bird will come down to him roasted. When he tastes this bird, it will be a taste he has never experienced in this world. Once he has finished, the bird will be resurrected again and will fly in the garden again in a more beautiful form. All of this beauty is a reflection of the Prophetic Beauty (Salallahu alayhi wasalam). This is because the Prophet (peace be upon him) is the most perfect reflection in creation, the perfect mirror of the Divine Beauty and the Divine Perfection.

If a man in Jannah was to taste the sweetness of a fruit or a bird that he eats in the Garden, he will experience one thousand sweet tastes in his mouth whilst no taste will conflict with another. Every taste will stay in his memory and he will be able to taste it for 70 years and yet the next mouthful will be even better than that. If this person was to walk out into the market places of paradise and then come back home to his palace and mansion in paradise and look at his family, he would say to them, 'you have increased in beauty' and his family will say the same thing back to him.

These people will be in the increase even in terms of the Beautific vision of Allah. When these slaves are given the Beautific vision of Allah and they are shown the Beautific vision again, there is only an increase to what there is no end for all of eternity. The manifestation of Allah's love for His slave is that when Allah loves a slave, He makes the angels of the highest assembly in heaven, the Divine Court; worship Allah through the love of this slave. By loving this slave for the sake of Allah, which is an act of worship, Allah makes these servants in the angelic assembly worship Allah. So He (SWT) Says to Sayidina Jibril AS who is the head of the angelic assembly 'O Jibril I love this servant so tell the inhabitants of the heavens to love him.' Sayidina Jibril loves this servant for the sake of Allah, which is an act of worship, and then he turns to the other angels and tells them that Allah loves this servant so love him. Therefore, this servant who walks upon the earth with all his human fallibilities is beloved in heaven, in the Highest Asssembly of Allah Ta'ala.

When this beloved servant who is loved by the angels due to Allah's love for him enters the grave and into the world of the barzakh, because the angels know that he is one of the beloved of ALLAH Ta'ala, they stand awe struck before the presence of this servant of Allah like attendants would stand before a King. They stand in awe of this servant because they know the place he has with Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala. He is one of the beloved of Allah.

When this servant walks across the fire of hell, it says to him, 'Walk O believer, for your light has burnt me.' Although the fire of hell affects things, this servant of Allah is not affected by it due to Allah's love for him, but rather he affects the fire of hell and Allah Ta'ala Says, 'My Mercy precedes My Wrath.' It is only because of Allah's Mercy for this servant that Allah loved him. The one who loves for the sake of Allah, someone loved by Allah could not stay in hell forever because a man is with whomever he loves. One of the effects of Divine Love on the servant is that these servants can even intercede for people that they love. A shaheed can intercede for those he loves and 70 people of his family, a matyr for the sake of Allah.

To really love someone, one loves everything attached to that person that one loves. He loves their children, he loves their family, and loves the house they lived in. He even loves to see an object that they wore. If this is the love that a creation has for another creation, what about the love that The Creator has for His Creation. And what is it that Allah will not give to someone He (SWT) loves.

Allah Ta'ala Says in a Hadith Qudsi,

'I am a Lord, if I am obeyed, I bless, and if I bless, I bless the person and everything attached to Him and my blessing knows no end.'

Ibn Abbas (RA) said when he was commenting on the ayat in Suratul Kahf about the two orphan children who had a treasure buried under the ground... When Sayidina Khidr rebuilt the wall, he said, 'their father was righteous.'

Sayidina ibn Abbas (RA) said that this father was the seventh generation forefather from their mother's side. Because he was a righteous man and Allah Ta'ala loved him, look how far it got. It went to the children.

Sayidina Muhammad SAW said about Uwais Al Qarni that he alone would be given intercession for people as numerous as the tribe of Rabi' in Arabia and Mudhar. These are the two of the big tribes of Arabia. So The Prophet SAW said that Uwais Qarni alone would intercede for people in that number. This is Uwais Qarni who hadn't even seen the Prophet (peace be upon him), so what do you think of the companions of the Prophet SAW who actually saw him? And what do you think of the elect of the companions of the Prophet SAW and the ten who were promised the Garden and the people closest to the Prophet of Allah (SAW).

There was a story told in Egypt of a man that died and people kept seeing him in their dreams in a state of torment in his grave. After days of seeing him in this state, someone saw him in a dream in which he was no longer in torment. He asked him what had happened. The man replied that it was the time of asr and that his grave came under the shadow of the Dome of Imam Shafi's Tomb. 'The moment the shadow of Imam Shafi's Maqaam fell upon my grave, the punishment was lifted'.

Sayidina Abu Bakr Sidiq was walking through a cemetery and one of his hairs fell on the ground of the cemetery. Due to this hair of his, the punishment was lifted from the whole cemetery. Thus, this is the effect of Allah's love for His servant and the way it affects everything else around him. If Allah loves a servant, He even loves things that come from this servant. For the sake of that love, Allah gives to others.

There was a story told about a person who lived during the time of sayidina Abdul Qadir Jelani. This man was heard screaming after he had been entered into his grave. People heard him screaming from the torment of his grave and they could hear him from a distance. The companions of Abdul Qadir Jelani told him about this so he went to this grave. They asked him if he could intercede for him so that Allah lifts this punishment from him. Abdul Qadir Jelani asked them, 'was he one of our companions?', they said no. 'did any of you see him in one of our lessons?' they said no. 'has he ever entered into one of our masjids in order to hear one of our sermons or to pray with us?', they said no. One of them said, 'have we ever seen him?' no. 'has he ever seen us?', no. One of them said, 'but sheikh, I once saw him walking on the road after you and your comapions had just dispersed and he saw your tracks.

So Abdul Qadir Jelani turned to Allah and said, 'O Allah, this man is a man who saw the tracks of our dust after we had dispersed. If you have love for us Allah, we ask you by this love to lift the punishment and torment for this slave.' At that moment, the screaming stopped.

There was a story about a man who was a wrong doer from Bani Israel. One day, on one of his journeys, he chanced upon an abid, a worshipper who was in the dessert. He saw that this worshipper was lying on his side on the ground. So, he looked at him and realised that this man was lying on his side because he was parched, so he thought to himself, 'what do I do?'. 'do I give him water and take a chance? If I am out in the dessert and I am out of water I could die. Do I leave him to his fate?' He thought that if he left this man to his fate Allah will never forgive him because he was a sinner. He came to the man and gave him some of his water thus he preferred him to himself. The man drank the water and straight away his vitality retuned so he sat up. They departed.

On the Day of Judgement, that sinful one will come and the angels of torment will grab him in order to plunge him into hell. As they are dragging him towards hell, he will see the worshipper and he will say to him, 'do you not remember me? I was that man who gave you water that day you were parched in the dessert and about to die.'

The worshipper will turn to Allah Ta'ala and say 'O Allah, this man preferred me to himself so let me intercede for him'. Allah Ta'ala will Say to him, intercede for him so when he intercedes, Allah will Say to him, 'Take him by the hand and take him into the garden with you.' So, this is the effect of Allah's love on one of His servants for someone who did something good for him once in his lifetime.

Habib Umar ibn Hafidh
Notes taken by Sister Khadija (UK)

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