Friday, April 28, 2006

The Classical Islamic Texts Halaqa Series

The Classical Islamic Text Halaqa Circle Series Bidayatul Hidayah

Bidayatul Hidayah of Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

About the Text to be Studied
In this book, Bidayatul Hidayah (The Beginning of Guidance), Imam Al-Ghazali emphasizes the importance of knowledge and using it correctly at all times . From acts of obedience to relationship between God and Man. Imam Al-Ghazali shares with us how a man should order his life from hour to hour and day to day.

” No one can reach the ending until he has completed the beginning,no one can discover the inward aspect until he has mastered the outward.”

-Imam Al-Ghazali from the introduction of this book

About the Teacher
Sheykh Ismaeil al-Khatib, will guide the students. He graduated from the prestigious traditional Islamic school, Rubat Tarim in Yemen. He studied under renowned scholars and attained ijazah (authority to teach) from them. His teachers include Habib Salim as-Shateri, Sheikh Salim al-Khatib, and Shaykh Sa’ad al-Jithi.

About the Halaqa Class
Venue: Al-Fathhu Traditional Learning Centre 19A Bali Lane
Time: 12.30 p.m till 2.30 p.m,every Sunday
Commencement Date: 14th May 2006, Sunday
Fees: $25 per month

For Information and Registration
Contact:Mu’hsin Kalimiya 91380014
Web Site:

Sheykh Mohd Ibrahim Class Tree of Islam Module B will start on 15May-5 June
Please visit our website for more information

Ongoing classes
Qur'an Classes (wed 8pm Sat 5.30pm)
Fiqh Classes (fridays 8pm)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Burdah Classes @ Al-Fathhu

The Classical Islamic Texts Series 
Learning how to recite in Arabic
Qasida Burdah  of Imam Al-Busiri

About the Text to be Studied
Qasida Burdah (Poem of The Prophet's Cloak) is one of the most widely recited classical Arabic poems in the traditional Islamic world. The poem was composed by Imam Sharafuddin Muhammad Al-Busiri (608AH-695AH). It is arguably the greatest poem ever written in praise of the Holy Prophet(s.a.w.), eloquently honoring  the exalted rank and character of the Beloved Prophet (s.a.w). The verses of The Burdah used to be commonly learned by heart Nevertheless today it is still recited in many parts of the Muslims world to invoke and promote the love that is within oneself for the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) . It is also known to have countless benefits and blessings for the reader. The Burdah is in 10 parts and has 160 verses, all of which end with the Arabic letter Meem.This is an opportunity to learn how to recite the Qasida Burdah.

About the Program 
This is a 20 week structured program that teaches beginners how to recite Qasida Burdah in Arabic. The program is catered to English speaking audience, where the teaching in Tamil will be translated into English and materials will be provided in English.
Commencing: 22nd April
Saturday Nights 8 p.m till 9.30 p.m
It is a prerequisite that participants are able to read the Qur’an
All age and gender are welcome.
Venue: Al-Fathhu Traditional Learning Centre  
            19A Bali Lane (opposite Sultan Mosque) 
 Fees: $125 for 20 lessons. 10% discount will be given registration in groups of 3 or more.
Payment can also be made monthly.  

About the Teacher 
Maulavi Jafar Sadhiq Deobandi teaches full time at the Al-Madrasahtul Qadiriya at Masjid Hajjah Fatimah. He has spent 14  years in formal Islamic studies training in India where he gained his accreditions for Aalim and Hafsatul Ulama. He is also a graduate from Deobandi University Maulavi Jafar is proficient in teaching the recitation of Qasida Burda. 

For Information and Registration  
Contact: Mu’hsin Kalimiyah 91380014
Thameemul Ansari Bin Jainullabudeen 94880448
Website : Blog

Living Knowledge Al-fathhu's new Classes

Read The Qur'an within 3 Months

This is a helpful bi-weekly class that will guide students from understanding the letters to the basic rules of correct recitation (tajweed) of the Holy Qur'an based on the book Ar-Ruh Al-Amin by (Hj.Muhammad Roihan Hasbullah Nst). The aim of the programme is to guide students to be able to read the Qur'an. Inshallah within 3 months. Limited to only 20 students per class.

The Teacher
Brother Abdul Shakur Hadi, studied Arabic and Islamic Studies in Abu Nour Institute in Damascus, Syria for 2 years. He will guide the students through the 3 month programme.

About The Class
Commencing:26 April Wednesday
Every Wednesdays 8p.m -9.30 p.m and Saturdays 5.30pm - 7 p.m
Venue: Al-Fathhu Traditional Learning Centre 19 A Bali Lane
Fees: $240 for 24 Lessons, fees can also be made in two payments.

For Registration

Call Mu'hsin Kalimiyah: 91380014
Web Site: