Monday, March 13, 2006

Al-Fathhu's Tree Of Islam

Al-Fathhu Traditional Learning Centre

The Tree of Islam: Nurturing Living Islam

The tree represents wisdom and strength. This comprehensive programme, The Tree of Islam, seeks to help little seedlings fulfill themselves into wise and fruitful Muslims. Starting with the roots, the origin of Islam, and culminating with the leaf in the sun and rain, symbolising the Muslim’s daily struggle, this course is designed to uplift the young and old. Join us in the garden of living knowledge.

Module A: From Seedling to Blossom
Islam: Its Origins and Significance
4 April – 25 April (Tuesdays)
Week 1: History of Islam
Week 2: The Message of Islam
Week 3: Embracing Mankind, The Religion of Love
Week 4: Why Is Islam Relevant Today?

Module B: From Blossom to Fruit
Traditional Theology & The Future of Islam
15 May – 5 June (Mondays)
Week 1: Why ‘Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah’?
Week 2: Who is ‘Ahlul Sunnah’?
Week 3: What is the ‘Moderate Community’?
Week 4: The Best Community

Module C: The Leaf in the Sun and Rain
Sacrifices in Our Daily Lives
3 July – 24 July (Mondays)
Week 1: Jihad Within You
Week 2: Jihad Within the Family
Week 3: Jihad at Work
Week 4: Jihad Within a Cosmopolitan Community

About The Teacher
Sheykh Mohd. Ibrahim Mohd. Kassim, is a recognised Islamic religious teacher, fluent in English, Malay, Arabic, Tamil and Urdu. He
teaches Fiqh, Tasawuf, Tafsir and Hajj courses at various institutions and mosques in Singapore. He is a MUIS-accredited Imam and Khatib
. He is also an Arbitrator at the Shariah Court of Singapore and Naib Qadi or Assistant Registrar of Muslim Marriages.
He is the founder and principal of Al-Fathhu Traditional Learning Centre (Singapore).

Venue: Al-Fathhu Traditional Learning Centre, 19a Bali Lane


Fees: $40 per Module.

10% discount will be given for registrations in groups of three or more, or if you register for all three modules.

Mu’hsin: 91380014
E Mail:

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