Friday, February 24, 2006

Why I reject the anarchists who claim to speak for Islam

Violence in the name of Islam has done more to damage the Prophet than any Danish cartoon, argues writer Fareena Alam

Sunday February 12, 2006
The Observer

As a young British Muslim woman, watching the events of the past two weeks has been a depressing experience. One minute, we were subject to outrageously insulting caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, a man who is beloved and central to the core of my faith; the next, the hooliganism of a small minority of Muslim protesters took centre stage. These anarchists have walked right into the hands of those who believe Muslims have nothing to offer. They have burnt down embassies, pillaged public property and threatened social order - all in the name of a prophet who, they claim, is a mercy to mankind, the same man who was known to welcome and respect ambassadors.
As a result, the standard-bearers for Western civilisation are now a bunch of untalented, ignorant and previously unknown Danish cartoonists. The editors at Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten did what they did simply because they could. Little attention was paid to the value of these images or the impact their publication would have. It was the worst kind of arrogance. The revelation that the same newspaper rejected cartoons lampooning Jesus three years ago on the grounds that they would offend their readers made their protestations of free speech seem cynical.

Freedom of speech is not absolute. It has to be in service of something, like peace or social justice. How have these cartoons, and the hypocritical defence of them, served these ideals?

Very good have a read. Written By Fareena Alam Taken from Q news Q News


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