Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Haul of Khawaja Habeebullah Shah

The Fellowship Of The Beloved (Majlis Habeebiyah) will be having the Urs or Haul of Khawaja Habeebullah Shah. Details as follows:

Date: 26th November 2005

Venue: Kubur Kassim 426 Siglap Road (the urs will be at the open space before the Makam)

Time: 8.00am-12.30pm

8.00 a.m- Maulid/Tilawah Al-Quran

9.00 a.m- Majlis Zikir

10.15 a.m Syarahan

11.15 a.m Visiting the Makam of Khawaja Habeebullah Shah

12.00 p.m Lunch followed by Zuhur Prayer

More information about Hazart Khawaja Habeebullah Shah (qs) Click Here


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