Thursday, October 20, 2005

Quad & Qatar??

Title: Islamic Thinkers
Author: Mixed
Publisher: Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS), 2005

This book should have been properly edited before it was printed.

Some puzzling quotes from the above-mentioned book:

page 5, Preface
“The Kingdom of Islam became weaker in the 17th century with the arrival of colonisers like Britain, Dutch [sic.] and Italy.”
Comment: Kingdom? Islam became weaker?

page 5, Preface
“The rise of Islam began at the end of the 18th till the 20th century.”
Comment: Amazing statement.

page 5, Preface
“Some of the earliest movers and intellectuals are Shah Wali Allah, Muhammad Abdul Wahab ...”
Comment: I dont think Muhammad Abdul Wahab would have liked being called an intellectual.

page 14, Introduction
“The majority of Britain’s Muslims are good and law-abiding citizens. Once again, the ingenuity of Muslims is challenged.”
Comment: Is the writer implying that if you’re a good citizen, you cannot be very clever? Or perhaps the writer meant ‘sincerity’ not ‘ingenuity’.

page 25, Islam and Universalism
“Today we have indeed benefited from his [Prophet’s s.a.w] teachings when UNESCO came up with the concept of life long learning in the 1970’s.”
Comment: So we benefit from Prophet’s s.a.w teaching as a result of UNESCO’s concept?

page 26, Islam and Universalism
“Many learned scholars can only front theories but fails [sic.] to execute them. However, Imam Al Ghazali taught, wrote and spread knowledge that he can execute.”
Comment: First, what does ‘front theories’ mean? Secondly, you don’t ‘execute’ knowledge, you apply it.

page 27, Islam and Universalism
“Imam Al Ghazali proved to be an icon of [sic.] learned leaders who wrote more than 400 books. One of them was Ihya Ulum Ad Din (The Rise of Knowledge). According to An-Nawawi, a writer in the thirteenth century, if all the writing materials in the world were to vanish from this world, we would still be able to survive with Ihya Ulum Ad Din only.”
Comment: 1. Imam An-Nawawi was so much more than a writer. 2. ‘Writing materials’ usually refer to pens and pencils.

page 27, Islam and Universalism
“Because of Imam Al Ghazali’s influence, the handicapped can walk fast and those who cannot appreciate melody can now be a [sic.] singer!”
Comment: MashaAllah!

page 31, Islam and Universalism
“Profile of Thinkers: Muhammad bin Abdullah ...”
Comment: Most people I have spoken to find the placing of the Prophet (s.a.w) under the heading, Profile of Thinkers, offensive and lacks in proper adaab to the Best of Creation (s.a.w).

page 52, Sufism, Arts and Nature
“The concept of a lover that is meant by Maulana Rumi was his Creator, Allah. This concept at the same time makes us realise that Maulana Rumi’s life on earth was very distant from Allah.”
Comment: How can you say that Maulana Rumi was distant from Allah?

page 52, Sufism, Arts and Nature
“During his short life, Rumi did not write books. Instead his prose and poetry, such as those in his book, Matsnawi [sic.] ...”
Comment: So did he write books or not?

page 78, Islam and Reformism
“This caused Muslims to surrender to fate, to the extent of misconstruing the concept of Quad and Qatar.”
Comment: An unfortunate misspelling of Qadha and Qadar

Islamic thinkers, very thought-provoking - Ahmad


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