Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Deeper Meaning Behind the Pillars of Islam

"Next we draw attention to what required of the murid when, at the very beginning of the prayer, he desires to enter to Allah. It is neccessary for him to raise his hand as he pronounces Allahu Akhbar, for this is when he is standing with Allah; and what he needs now , by the raising of his hands, is to reach Allah, and that he should not conceal his belonging to the Path, nor, once he has entered into it, should he be neglectful of it. He should raise his hand as an expression of his bearing witness to having turned his face towards Allah,until he comes to know Him, both in particular and in the universal sense; and thus to show that he is not ashamed of belonging to those of the Path of Allah, and that he is not cut off from his Lord. Then, in the beginning of his order, he should set out with everything of which he is capable, and therefore the Order for him is to announce this publicly by saying "ALLAHU AKBAR," as he enters into the state of holiness. This is his affirmation in words, and at the same time, he is ordered to raise his hands so that action becomes manifestation of his affirmation; and this, both words and action are brought together."

Taken from "The Deeper Meaning Behind the Pillars of Islam" by Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal ar-Rifai as-Shadili.

Every chapeter, every sentence has treasures in it. A must read for every one. May Allah bless him and forgive us.-Ahmad

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